Teeth Whitening in Oswego, IL & Villa Park, IL

Opalescence teeth whitening in Aurora is a system your Distinctive Dental Care dentist uses to combat tooth discoloration fast and brighten your smile. Opalescence Boost is simply effective and affordable dental whitening in Oswego, IL.

Opalescence Boost In-Office Whitening

  • First, teeth are prepared for the bleaching gel
  • The chemically activated Boost gel is applied, with no need for heat or light
  • After about an hour, the dental whitening process is in full effect. Now, your teeth are noticeably whiter.

Benefits of Opalescence Dental Whitening

  • Opalescence teeth whitening strengthens enamel and reduces sensitivity
  • Take-home kits and disposable trays are comfortable to wear
  • Whitening results last for years
  • In-office Boost whitening is fast and easy, without light or heat activation.
  • The prescription strength bleaching gel remains active throughout the night
  • Opalescence Boost is more effective than drugstore teeth whitening products

Biolase Laser Teeth Whitening Oswego, IL

In addition, advanced dentistry is here with the Biolase teeth whitening laser at your Oswego, IL dental clinic. When used to activate Biolase whitening gel, the laser provides a brighter and more healthy-looking smile!

Why Choose Biolase Teeth Whitening Services?

The Biolase laser will typically make teeth 6-12 shades whiter in only one visit. Your teeth whitening dentist offers a safe, comfortable and effective method to correct tooth discoloration and restore your sparkling smile.

Over-the-counter dental whitening products can soften tooth enamel or cause sensitivity at the gum line; Laser whitening prevents tooth and gum damage by using a protective liquid dam.

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